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Herkimer diamond necklace


Herkimer Diamonds are a natural forming quartz crystal found in Herkimer, New York. Although they are not actual diamonds, they earn there name from having a raw diamond-like geometrical shape that is naturally faceted. As with all raw gemstones, no two will be alike adding to the uniqueness of each piece of handmade jewelry we create.

These phenomenal gemstones are close to 500 million years old. Many believe they emit positive energy and have properties that promote human wellbeing.

All of our jewelry Is made entirely by us. Each piece is crafted one at a time creating a handmade artisan look and feel.


- Made from Herkimer diamond quartz
- Made from 100% 14K Gold Fill, 14K Rose Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver
- 7-8mm stone


We will be glad to offer a return or exchange within 30 days of delivery

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