Soul Creek Jewelry’s roots actually started on my sewing table. I love to sew and began to make jewelry to adorn the costumes I would make for children. Through years of successes and failures, times of frustration and moments of pure joy, my dream never faded. Since that beginning in early 2000, the jewelry has evolved into a brand I am very proud of. And yes, I still love to sew.

I want to offer our customers meaningful jewelry they will treasure and love to wear. With each design, my dream is to bring soulful inspiration to accentuate their inner and outer beauty. Know that our jewelry is truly made from our hearts and each piece carries a part of us that we love to share.


All of our jewelry is meticulously handmade in our studio located in a small Central Florida town. Each piece is crafted one at a time creating a true artisan look and feel. We take great pride in every detail knowing the piece will become a personal possession for someone. By only selling direct, it gives us a unique opportunity to communicate directly with our customers and provide the best experience possible.


Our dream is to continue to build a business where we share our blessings and bring goodness to those less fortunate.


We hope you love Soul Creek Jewelry as much as we love making it!


xoxo, Jill